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Organisers of the Farnborough Air Show have said they think they need to raise their game this year.

Speaking at the launch event in May, Farnborough International's chief executive, Shaun Ormrod, said: "Simply putting planes in the air and saying 'isn't that fantastic' is no longer enough. We need to raise our game."

But even at the last event in 2012, visitors were more than happy with what they saw describing it as "fantastic, fabulous and exhilarating".

Guests came from other towns, counties and even countries to attend, including France, the Netherlands, Canada and Australia.

Ralph Palmer, of Guildford, said: “We have been coming for years, we love it. We come every year, we are big fans. We won't miss it.

“We enjoy everything about it, we love the sounds, we love the old planes, and the new planes, the modern stuff.”