The world's biggest plane visited the Farnborough Air Show in 2012, which left visitors feeling exhilarated at the displays.

Guests came to the 48th air show at Farnborough Airport from other towns, counties and even countries to attend, including France, the Netherlands, Canada and Australia.

Attractions including the crowd-pleasing Red Arrows.

“I really love the Red Arrows,” said Lesley Bavington, 61, from the Isle of Wight. “They were fantastic. The Farnborough Airshow is special, it is a spectacle.”

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Also appearing at the show was the double-deck Airbus A380, the Breitling Wing Walkers and a Lancaster Bomber.

Sir Richard Branson also used the air show to unveil the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo.

Sir Richard said: “Virgin Galactic’s goal is to revolutionise the way we get to space. I’m immensely proud of what we have already achieved as we draw near to regular suborbital flights on SpaceShipTwo.”