Eight dogs have been moved to safety after a Fleet greyhound re-homing kennel was flooded.

Greyhound Lifeline, the Hampshire and Surrey branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust, suffered flooding from groundwater, a leaky roof and a blocked drain in recent storms.

Staff at the kennels, which normally holds 17 greyhounds and has homed 334 ex-racers in five years, quickly enlisted the help of volunteers and the community.

They had to move seven dogs urgently, with five going to alternative kennels and two to emergency foster homes. Since launching an appeal on its

and its
, another dog has gone into foster care.

Greyhound Lifeline co-ordinator Marie Harris said: “The weather not only hit us, but everyone in this area, and I am really heartened by all the goodwill and support out there for animals in need, especially when so many people are struggling with flood concerns of their own.”

She said flooding is an ongoing problem and staff were not sure if a full evacuation would be needed.

“If the flooding gets worse we should now have enough emergency foster places available to temporarily house our remaining dogs,” she added. “We have had several other kind volunteers offering roofing materials and labour to get things patched up. Our volunteers and supporters are fantastic and it warms my heart to know they are so eager to help us.”

Donation towards the costs of repairing the roof can be made online.