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Farnborough FC, who last year had one of their players renamed as David Beckham, now have a player who can live up to the footballing icon.

Lucas Enrique - a trialist at Boro - spotted Oxford United's goalkeeper off his line during a friendly at the weekend and attempted an audacious effort, which looped over the backtracking custodian and appeared to hit the crossbar before bouncing in off his head.

The visitors had gone 2-0 up at Farnborough just after 70 minutes, but from the kick-off Enrique received the ball on the edge of the centre circle before taking aim from inside his own half.

Despite the wonder goal, the League Two side hung on to win 2-1.

Boro released Enrique's name afterwards and fans must surely now be hoping Spencer Day signs him up.

Enrique's goal was a good response to Day, who after Boro's 4-2 win at Sandhurst said he wanted more from some of the club's trialists.

"It’s not that I'm massively unhappy, I'm just disappointed in the first week that players who have good CVs aren't showing me much yet, performance-wise," he said.

"It’s not their attitude I’m disappointed with, that's been fantastic, it’s the level of performance from CV’d players who I’d expect a bit more from."

Not a bad way to impress the boss...