A new tier of the Football League "will not be a level playing field', according to Aldershot Town boss Andy Scott.

The Shots manager has questioned plans for a new tier to accommodate Premier League B teams, part of a report by the Football Association (FA), headed up by its chairman Greg Dyke.

The new tier would be made up of 10 Premier League B teams and 10 teams from the Conference.

"I don't think it will help us at all," said Scott. "It's going to be made up of the top half of the conference and B sides.

"But blatantly the B sides will have a lot more resources. Then conference sides will have no chance.

"For a certain amount of time it will be impossible for conference clubs to compete against the B sides.

"All we will be doing is competing against sides with better resources, better players. It will not be on a level playing field."

Scott suggested the academy system could be looked at.

"When I was playing, if you were 20 and you were good enough for the first team you got in," he continued.

"Persuading them to go out to our level, they don't want it, they want to be surrounded by their luxuries.

"They'll be training on unbelievable pitches with great facilities. They won't be in the real world until a Saturday afternoon."

While the FA has explained that the aim behind a new tier would be to boost English football, and young homegrown talent, Scott believes it will negatively affect the lower leagues.

He suggested it may even become "a farce" in some games.

"It feels like we are being use as a tool to enable the bigger sides to get even bigger and push us further down the system," he said.

"It will affect players at non-league level. I don't see it working the way they want it to work.

"We have the best non-league in the world with thousands of competitive clubs playing at a good level every week, and they will damage that.

"We should get a bigger say without a doubt. It affects us directly but we won't get that."

The Football Conference has issued a statement about the report.

The statement read: "We agree that future England players need to be given the opportunity to play more competitive football but we believe that experience should be at the highest levels of the game.

"We agree there should be more home grown talent playing at those highest levels and fully support measures to increase those numbers to at least 50% with 10% being U21 players.

"The English pyramid system is unique, having evolved over 100 years. It has supported the growth of football into a league system that has become the envy of the world.

"It is built on a dream that every single football supporter has bought into.

"It is important in these proposals to remember the heritage of the English game, which has over a century of participation, been the rock on which the modern game currently exists.

"We, like all supporters, wish to see the national team successful on the world stage but not to do it in a manner which threatens the whole existence of the pyramid, on which the solid base of our whole game is dependent."