CAMBERLEY kickboxer Paul Bernard has been officially crowned King of the Ring after he was voted top dog in Sky One's hit TV show Fight School.

Tensions mounted as more than one million viewers tuned in to see which one of the ten final competitors, stood face to face, would be the last man standing.

And after a gripping final bout in the Chinese outback, it was Bernard who emerged victorious becoming the hero of his very own arts club, Precision Martial Arts.

Paul, 27, remarked. "This was probably the most testing, but also the most enjoyable experience of my life".

"It may look easy on a television replay, but when you're doing the tasks or fighting for survival on the mat it's an altogether different matter".

Paul, pictured left, who has been kickboxing for six years has won many national and international medals, but he said that Fight School was unlike any competition he had ever experienced.

"My training took care of my focus, but I really wasn't prepared for the endurance of Fight School, so I was absolutely delighted to come out on top as every one of the competitors were all winners in my mind," he commented.

"At the end of the day, the guys I was battling with are now my friends, not competitors".

"I've never been so fit and toned as I am now."

Bernard runs Precision Martial Arts school, which meets throughout the week at Camberley Arena Leisure Centre.

The class welcomes both adults and children, and whatever their skill levels, they will learn discipline, self improvement and motivation giving them a new outlook on life.

l Three young local lads with be competing in a Fight School of their own this Sunday when they take part in a kickboxing challenge run by the new TV champion.

Rhys Bernard, seven, Connor Baines, seven, both of Farnborough, and Joel Gocool, 12, of Frimley, must demonstrate their skills in three challenges, including breaking wood, sparring techniques and musical form, with the chance of winning the new PlayStation 2 games console.

The challenge takes place at Camberley Arena at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend.