YOU'VE heard of Ali G, well this is Bobby G.

Glitzy, hilarious and masters of their own field, comparisons between these two very different entertainers can easily be drawn.

Bobby George, dubbed Mr Glitter, is the Ali G of the darts world — so much so that he's jokingly suggested that Ali and his Staines Massive have copied his image.

"He's got the jewellery and now he's nicked my crown and cape," he quipped.

But while Ali and his posse have taken stage and screen by storm with the hilarious movie Ali G Indahouse, this time it's Bobby who has followed suit — looking to create a storm of his own Indahouse of Lakeside Country Club.

For the first time in 28 years of hosting dart exhibitions across the length and the breadth of the country, George has decided to grace the Mecca of World Darts to entertain the Frimley Green Massive with his unique blend of darting genius, coupled with good old fashioned fun.

Armed with support comedians, George, the ever-popular showman of World Darts, hosts a night of amazing darts conversation and laughter in the Canal Suite on Friday April 26 .

George will start off his Fun Darts Roadshow by pitting his wits against 14 members of the audience, picked at random, in a light-hearted game of arrows.

The fun then continues with Bobby's hilarious stand-up routine where some of the game's top secrets and funnies are revealed, before the audience get the opportunity to grill Bobby about his fantastic career to date.

But despite Bobby returning to the spiritual home of darts and indeed the scene of his greatest triumphs, the twice Embassy World finalist and BBC pundit still isn't sure if the show will be an instant hit.

He said: "I've been on the scene for 28 years doing shows like this, but never at Lakeside.

It's a bit grander than your usual pubs and clubs and, to my knowledge, nothing like this has been done here before so it's a case of having to wait and see whether it works.

"For me, these shows are all about meeting the people and just having a giggle.

"Throwing darts seriously in deadly silence can be boring, so it's up to me to make it fun for the people. Most of it's ad lib but I love it. Darts is a wartime game invented for people to humour themselves, that should continue to be the case.

"The main problem I have is the question and answer session where the audience try to catch me out with daft questions like ‘Who ran the first four-minute mile?' I mean, come on, I'm a darts player for pity sake, I'm not supposed to be intelligent."

After Ali's success in the cinema halls, the pressure is now on his spiritual buddy to achieve the same on the darts floor.

He's in good form, however, and looking to lighten up Lakeside once again with a show, quite simply, not to be missed.

Tickets are priced at just £5 and are available from the Lakeside Box Office now on (01252) 836464.