SUPPORTERS of Farnborough Town have vowed to rally round and help Graham Westley in his bid to keep football alive in the town.

A loyal band of 30-plus supporters turned up to Westley's first Fans Forum prior to the Hereford match on Tuesday evening, where details of the new ‘ten-week plan' were discussed.

Westley highlighted the routes the club needed to take in order to resurrect the junction 4A stadium development proposal, and fans responded by forming five working party groups to speed the process along.

The Boro boss began the 45-minute long meeting by outlining the history of his fight to progress the club during his three year tenure and where he thinks the club can go from here.

This was followed by a question and answer session from the floor before Westley brought an end to a productive meeting having earned a great deal of credit and a indeed, a standing ovation.

Fans then stated their intent by offering their services to Football Secretary Vince Williams in the setting up of the various working parties.

The objectives of the working parties over the next ten weeks are as follows:

1 Create dialogue with Aldershot Town FC — to encourage Aldershot to work together with FTFC in persuading Rushmoor Council to provide both with better support;

2 Extend communications with Rushmoor BC — To persuade the council to invest the proceeds from Cherrywood Road to the new stadium;

3 Start negotiations with the Ministry of Defence — To persuade them to invest land cheaply and quickly to the club;

4 Make themselves known to Hart District Council — To persuade them to support a development at junction 4A;

5 Maintain works at Cherrywood Road — to ensure that the ground remains at Conference standard; and

6 Renew talks with Gerald Howarth MP — to take him up on his kind offer of support.

This starts a busy ten-week period for the club as fans endeavour to seek answers in a race against time, while Westley continues to negotiate at a higher level.

Another forum will be arranged towards the end of this period, and indeed the season, to piece together information received.

An encouraged Westley said afterwards: "I sensed that there was a good intent among people and I hope they can sense the same among me. It's up to us now to convert that enthusiasm and intent into action.

"There was a lot of positive energy in the dressing room tonight and we converted that into the right result on the pitch so it's up to us to get it right off the pitch now.

"It is a big ten weeks for the club but then again it was a big game for us tonight. It just goes to show what can be achieved when you get your minds right, work together as a team and when you really desire that victory."

If anyone is interested in helping the cause by joining one of the five working parties, please contact the club offices as soon as possible on 01252 541469.