IT seems that Graham Westley's summer spending spree has impressed the bookmakers — and it's making the rest of the Conference sit up and take notice.

Bookies across the country have certainly taken note of the signings of Danny Carroll, Gary Butterworth and Ken Charlery and have Boro at 10/1 to take the title.

And if their word is to be believed, then it paves the way for an exciting season at the AIMITA Stadium this term.

Boro are fifth favourites at present to win the league and if they were to prove the bookies right by finishing fifth in amongst the likes of the favourite top four: Dagenham, Doncaster, Yeovil and Barnet, then they will qualify for a place in the new-look Conference play-offs — ground permitting of course.

Boro's 10/1 price has alerted rival clubs, who are beginning to come round to the idea that Westley is putting together a team that can be a major force in the championship.

Kind words have been printed from rival managers in the press in recent weeks, but, although flattered, Westley is refusing to get drawn in.

The boss has changed his stance on pre-season predictions, opting instead to quietly prepare his camp for the challenge that awaits.

But if his obvious confidence and belief continues to have the same influence on his side, then 10/1 might not be a bad shout!