In his first public interview, Boro's mysterious company secretary — the man who could hold the future of the club in his hands — admitted he had never been to see them play.

In the bizarre conversation, solicitor Richard Robinson:

- Did not know what had happened at Boro's crucial home game with Hereford 15 hours earlier.

- Refused to reveal his relationship with departed boss Graham Westley.

- Would not explain why he let seven key players leave.

- Refused to say who appointed him.

- Could not say if the club had any future.

Mr Robinson's vagueness will do nothing to assure anxious fans.

They were hoping he would throw some light on his relationship with Westley, and exaplain how he decided to let players go when he had never seen them play.

Mr Robinson's silence is bound to increase the anger of Farnborough Town fans, who are desperate for answers from "the Mystery Man of Cherrywood Road".

They were upset that Micky Warner, Steve Watson, Gary Holloway, Barry Laker, Justin Gregory, Danny Carroll and now Nathan Bunce have all had their Boro contracts cancelled without consultation, leaving the club in increasing financial trouble in the wake of Westley's move to Stevenage.

The loyal Boro faithful have been flooding the Football Association with strongly-written emails recently, demanding that the relationship between Westley and Robinson should be fully investigated.

But FA spokesman Alex Stone said no investigation can take place unless the club or the Nationwide Conference make an official complaint.

Robinson has refused to comment on his relationship with Westley to the FA or anyone else on the basis of "professional privilege."

Robinson, a partner of the Richmond-based Dixon Ward Solicitors firm, was actually named Company Secretary of Farnborough Town FC back in 1999, but refuses to say who appointed him.

Well-spoken Robinson simply said: "I cannot comment. This is a professional matter, they are my clients."

Moving onto the subject of the players and their cancelled contracts, he added: "I cannot divulge this information."

Mr Robinson also declined to comment on what role the Aimita Corporation still have to play at the club.

Westley's company are staying on as main sponsors until the end of the season but it is not clear what its role will be.

But he did eventually open up a bit when asked whether he thought Farnborough Town FC had a future. His answer, though, seemed to be based more on hope than substance.

He said: "I really hope they can (survive).

"The more support people can give it the better its chances will be. It needs a positive approach."

"It was great they were able to play against Arsenal and I was very pleased they were drawn together.

"A lot of people got a lot of pleasure out of watching it."

I then went onto ask Robinson whether he was sad when Westley left.

He said: "It's always difficult when a manager leaves but these things happen.

"One is always sad when someone leaves but people must move on.

"Graham Westley has done a great job for the club.

"Sad is perhaps the wrong word.

"What people want to concentrate on is how the club has progressed from when Graham first come into the club to where it has been recently."

When I had to tell Robinson about Farnborough's 2-2 draw against Hereford on Tuesday night and the fact that the 1,030 attendance was the second highest home gate of the season, he perked up again.

"That is great news. I wish they'd have won but at least they got a draw.

"It's also very good news about the attendance."

Jon Couch comments:

One thing's for certain, Robinson is giving nothing away. If there are any dealings with Westley still, then professional privilege will prevent any of us all from finding out.

Although approachable, Robinson quite clearly did not want to have this conversation with me on the phone.

He knew very little about the game and felt very uncomfortable when faced with questions. He did say, however, that he was contemplating coming down to the club to meet the fans. "Maybe one day" he chuckled.

Just what you need from a Secretary eh?