VETERAN striker Ken Charlery has spoken about the "cruel blow" which looks to have robbed him of playing for Farnborough Town again.

Despite the fact that the 38-year-old hitman wants to play for the club and that caretaker manager Ian McDonald wants him to occupy the No.18 shirt, contractual rules are preventing him from seeing the season out with Charlery blaming the "unknown powers at be."

A clause in Charlery's contract forces Boro to sign a new one-year deal at big money if the big striker reaches 30 games this season.

The former Peterborough, Watford and Birmingham striker, who reached 29 games the week Graham Westley defected to Stevenage Borough, then wavered that arrangement for an additional five games, leading him up to last Tuesday's trip to Leigh RMI before exercising his right to demand a new contract.

Charlery is , however, still training with his Boro team-mates and attending matches while on full pay, but with Joff Vansittart injured and Christian Lee needed at the back, it's a decision which has left Macca high and dry.

He has now been officially made available for loan or permanent transfer by the club.

The striker said: "I put on two stone on a holiday to St Lucia last summer but lost it at the beginning of the season to prove that I still have the hunger and desire to play for Farnborough Town.

"That is still the case, especially with us hovering over the relegation zone.

"I don't blame Graham Westley for this. At his age he obviously felt he had to take a risk to fulfil his ambitions, while looking out for number one, which sometimes you have to do.

"I've spoken to him on a couple of occasions and we've wished each other well."

"No-one knows who the men are behind the scenes making these decisions — I suppose you would have to blame them for what's happened.

"At the moment the situation is out of mine and the manager's hands. I want to play, he wants to play me, but Ian is being told he can't. I've comprised twice, I've done my bit in terms of trying to be fair, including taking a cut in wages. But the club refused my offer so its in their hands. We are at a stalemate."

"This is a disaster for me, a cruel blow. But we have to abide by the rules."

"I'm not looking to play for another club until the powers at be say otherwise, but I am gutted, especially at this stage of my career, that I can't carry on playing."

Charlery then went on to reminisce on a memorable season, even by his standards, which saw him involved in a Play-Off chase, an FA Cup fourth round tie at Arsenal, a controversial managerial departure and now even a relegation battle.

He added: "It has been a very funny season and it is a disaster that it seems to have ended this way, especially at this stage in my career where I need to carry on playing.

"I was really enjoying being a part of this small squad of players, all sticking together to help us get out of the relegation zone. The club has been dealt some bad cards but you just have to get on with it and that's what the players and the manager have done."

McDonald added: "There's a clause in Ken's contract, which is causing concern between the club and the player.

"Negotiations are ongoing but at this stage Ken won't be playing for the club again.

"Ken's still training with the club and is contracted to Farnborough and will continue to be paid. I'd absolutely love him to stay.

"I still think we need nine points to be safe this year and obviously it would be good if Ken could play."

l McDonald has also been handed another double blow as the season drags to a climax.

Relegation rivals Woking have refused permission to extend Stuart Reeks' loan spell until the end of the season due to their impending battle at the foot of the table, meaning that Reeks will go into tonight's derby clash at Kingfield as a Woking player again, and not Farnborough.

Not only that, young left back Ronnie Girvan seems to have gone AWOL after McDonald gave him a week off to attend his grandfather's funeral.

Macca said: "I have not spoken to Ronnie for ten days, he won't return my calls. He's done this before, he's a very silly boy."