THE town of Farnborough has never known anything like it!

Their little football club — one of the smallest and least supported in the Conference, drawn against the might of Arsenal — Premiership champions, cup holders and probably the best outfit in Europe right now.

Welcome to the start of our bumper two-week build-up to the big match which will feature all the latest interviews and information, culminating in a special edition on the eve of the game.

With exactly 100 places between the two clubs in the league standings, this is undoubtedly the most magical FA Cup tie in history with Boro looking to do the impossible and become the first non-League team in 94 years to knock out the FA Cup holders.

The town of Farnborough has been surrounded in a wave of publicity this week and the buzz resounded around the shopping centres and pubs is enough to excite even those who wouldn't dream of spending a Saturday afternoon cheering on the red and white army.

Crowds rarely rise to over 1,000 but ticket requests already are huge — it seems the town will be empty come January 25 with around 6,000 due to make the trip to north London.

Boro supremo Graham Westley desribed the draw as "fantastic." He said: "This game is going to mean a lot of excitement for the club and it's a great opportunity for us.

"I expected a Rochdale or a Grimsby; I was a bit stunned to draw Arsenal. What a mountain to climb. We are going to have to pull something special out of the bag to win this game.

"The danger for Arsenal is underestimating us."

Defender and commercial manager Micky Warner described the tie as a "dream come true."

He added: "We really couldn't have asked for anything better than that. I could find myself marking Robert Pires or Thierry Henry. "

Ticket details are expected to be announced soon after the FA's decision on where to play the match, so, for all the latest, read Tuesday's Mail.