I have invested three and a half years of my life into running Farnborough Town Football Club. When I joined, the club was near bankrupt with huge 6 figure debts and significant other liabilities eg player contracts. It had been relegated from the Nationwide Conference and was uncertain of any future; new housing was probably Cherrywood Road's most likely outcome.

As I leave the club, it has enjoyed times of on field success including promotion, it has support from the local authority for land to be made available for a new ground, planning permission for developments at the existing ground and could be left debt free, in great shape to build a future. It is well placed in the Conference, has a chance of pushing for the play offs and the prospect of a Trophy run to compliment its FA Cup achievements. I think that those achievements are sound.

I want to thank everybody who has helped me during my time at the club. Particularly, I want to say thank you to those that have travelled the length and breadth of the country in support of the team. I want to thank the Club President, Charles Mortimer for the dignity which he always shows in representing the club. And I want to thank all the helpers, people like John O'Hara, who put unpaid hours into the club.

I am sorry that I am told that some people appear to have preferred to slam me for leaving and to throw abuse towards me.

Unfortunately, that is what sometimes happened when I tried to create progress whilst I was at the club; I still believe that a merged Kingstonian/Farnborough club with bases in both towns would have been a 'no brainer'.

But I don't have a problem with any fair criticism. Perhaps my lack of available time to talk sometimes caused some of that comment. I'm understanding of initial angers and concerns in situations. It is human to have these.

I hope that in time, though, those same critics might be able to reflect on my era and appreciate the massive commitment which I have put into the club and the substantial progress it has made and prefer to remember me for that. It hasn't been easy putting in all the hours required and finding the resources. In fact it has been very difficult. Contrary to the appparent belief of some, I am not Max Griggs.

I regret the timing of my departure; it would have been nicer to move on once this season was completed but you can't always control these things. Sometimes you have to take advantage of opportunities when they are there. On the other hand, with the current level of interest in the club, perhaps the timing couldn't have been better. It is my belief that the public eye can be a good thing in ensuring equitability to all through change.

Farnborough Town Football Club, like any football club, is bigger than any person that has contributed to it or will contribute to it in the future. If everybody who has any interest in building it a future clubs together now and contributes then it must have a fantastic chance of a fantastic future. I hope that a positive mood can emerge and be sustained. The scene is certainly set. Good luck from me to all those contributors.

My final words are these. I often found club people wrongly criticising me on the say so of people from outside the club. I think that there needs to be much more trust and unity in the future. Because if you always believe those who might be your enemies then you could fight amongst yourselves un necessarily.

Thank you for sharing some good times with me. GW.