THE realisation that the town of Farnborough could be without their own club came ever nearer as merger discussions advanced as far as a new board and the colour of the kit.

Kingston & Farnborough United could become a force as soon as next season as proposals to merge Boro and Ryman Leaguers Kingstonian were supported by the K's administrator Nick Hood this week.

He is advocating the K's creditors and shareholders to accept the merger and if the groundbreaking deal is approved the new club could be playing in the Nationwide Conference as early as August.

It is intended that the club will play its first team fixtures at K's current Kingsmeadow ground, while Boro's AIMITA Stadium will be used for the youth academy.

The very name of the club is sure to provoke strong feeling from Boro fans. The club with the ground comes first so Farnborough will play second fiddle to Kingston in the same way that the Diamonds, originally from Irthlingborough, follow Rushden. Will the Farnborough bit be forgotten over the course of time?

The club will also train at Boro's Grasshopper training ground in west London and will play in a newly designed red and white blend of stripes and hoops, which reflects the matching colours of the two clubs.

Boro boss Graham Westley, always brimming with ideas, has also suggested that two stadiums could be developed — one in Farnborough and one at Kingsmeadow.

He hopes that both would be ‘state of the art leisure facilities providing good incomes and serving as sporting centres of excellence'.

Together, Westley and Mr Hood, of Begbies Traynor, have issued a statement: "We are working to bring together two clubs with different strengths but with one common thread.

"Kingstonian has invested in its stadium and brought it up to League standards, while Farnborough has invested in its team.

"Both have already succeeded against the odds and are determined to achieve the next goal of league football.

"We firmly believe that success on and off the pitch will be made possible as a result of the proposed merger."

Both clubs are delighted at the possibilities such a move would open up and Westley has already asked K's chairman Alan Kingston to become his vice chairman.

In a statement that indicated the anticipated outcome of the proposal, Westley, who would take overall responsibility for the playing side of the club, said: "Alan is a great media and PR man who has built an incredible name for Kingstonian. I can't wait to start working with him."

Kingston is equally enthusiastic, adding: "Graham and I agree that winning is the only important thing. We share a passion for success. We both believe that this is going to be big."

The proposal comes after months of difficulty for both clubs. Westley has said that Boro has struggled to get support for its plans to develop a new Football League standard stadium.

"There is no sensible logic that would encourage anyone to put the money into Cherrywood Road when there is no prospect of creating the income streams for sustaining even Conference status, let alone League status," he said.

Kingstonian, meanwhile, have been staring extinction in the face after being forced into administration four onths ago.

The merger does, however, need to be accepted by the FA and the Nationwide Conference, who had previously turned down a ground share scheme between the two clubs, as well as the Ryman League. But it is hoped that the precedent set by the Dagenham and Redbridge merger will help the authorities reach a decision that will see the emergence of one stronger club.

Certain aspects of the proposal still need the consent of K's creditors and the overall structure of the deal also needs to be approved by the club's shareholders.

But Hood is urging both groups to support the deal and he is concerned that if it is rejected, the only other alternative may be a forced sale of the assets, which would lead to the end of Kingstonian after over a hundred years.

With much at stake Westley will hold a joint meeting with representatives of both Supporters Clubs within the next few days to answer any questions. He is sure to be kept busy.