GERALD Howarth MP has urged Graham Westley, Rushmoor Council and supporters of Farnborough Town Football Club to conduct some ‘intelligent financial engineering' in order to launch the junction 4A plan into action.

Mr Howarth has been a major player in Westley's plans to develop the new stadium beside the M3 motorway and is expected to meet a working party of supporters in the next week or so to discuss the way forward.

But in an exclusive interview with the News, Mr Howarth urged both Westley and the council to forget former disagreements and sit around the table to thrash it out.

He said: "I believe a bit of intelligent financial engineering between the two parties is the most constructive way forward.

"Not only will it help Graham [Westley] put together a package but it will also help the council understand exactly what is involved behind Graham's ideas.

"While I accept that the council clearly has to be prudent with our rate payers money, others do help their football clubs more and I feel this is a way they can help in this situation.

"Graham is a young businessman with exciting ideas, and has done tremendously well at the club with his drive, determination and endless enthusiasm.

"Councillors are not entrepreneurs like him, however, it's not their jobs. Council life simply does not work in that way.

"What I think is needed here is some serious imagination. Graham and the council have not connected so far, they must do because nothing will happen with just talk.

"The fans are also key players in this. You could build the biggest stadium in the world but if the support is not going to be there, then it is pointless.

"Fans must share Graham Westley's ambitions.

"I understand the meeting between the fans and Graham went extremely well last week and I think the idea of fans going out and creating working parties and lobbying the various authorities, is a positive step forward."

Westley has confirmed that working parties have already been formed as part of his ten-week plan, and meetings with the various players have been set up for either later this week or early next week.