FURIOUS fans of Farnborough Town are demanding intervention from the Football Associa-tion after an unknown man, hired by Graham Westley as Farnborough's Company Secre-tary, cancelled the contracts of club's most prized assets without consultation of the newly-proposed A-list shareholders.

Mr Richard Robinson — an independent and professional accountant, who does NOT attend any matches — has been left in charge of the club by the departed Westley and immediately sanctioned the parting of Micky Warner, Justin Gregory, Steve Watson, Barry Laker, Gary Holloway and now Danny Carroll.

All bar Carroll, who decides his future this week, have now joined Westley at Stevenage Borough on free transfers.

But the fans are up in arms as each of the players were on long-term contracts and would have netted Farnborough some vaulable money in the transfer market. Gary Holloway was once described by Westley as having "frightening potential," while Watson has represented England at semi-pro level.

But Robinson still claimed that neither they, or the other four, had any value and consequently let them slip through the club's fingers.

The club insist that Robinson has been on the scene for some time but he has never been formally announced, let alone met the fans or even attend matches.

Fans now want answers into his appointment amid claims he is associated with Westley in some way. Contributors from the unofficial website message board, www.farnborough-town. demon,co,uk have flooded the FA with e-mails and letters, asking for the matter to be invesigated and the FA have replied with positive feedback.

Quotes from one letter read: "I would have thought that it is a clear conflict of interest for a manager of one team to retain an equity interest (or a de-facto equity interest via a related party) in another club, particularly so when the two teams are in the same division.

"I would suggest that this is a breach of UK company law in that the company secretary has demonstrably failed in his fiduciary duty to the club shareholders.

"The basis that these players have no transfer value is quite frankly astonishing; quite aside from their respective playing abilities, if Mr Westley were to sign them for Stevenage — which can be the only reason to cancel en-masse five contracts — that would be necessary and sufficient evidence that they do have transfer value."

General Manager Vince Williams replied: "Richard Robinson has always been the company secretary. He is a professional appointee and works as an independent.

"I have asked any player that wishes to leave to tell me so. We need to reduce our wage bill as soon as possible because we will not be able to continue to run at the same level without our current sponsorship arrangements.

"We are fortunate that Graham Westley has shown great understanding in allowing the club time to get itself in order."

l John Thridgould, Westley's father-in-law and Tom McAleese have resigned from their positions as directors of the club.

l Chris Piper scroed a hat-trick as a strong Boro line-up beat Hartley Wintney 8-2 in the Aldershot Senior Cup on Wednesday night.

l The future of on-loan keeper Mark Osborn is uncertain after he told of his nightmare sitting on the bench.

Osborn said: "I've not enjoyed it or learnt antything."