JIM Rodwell has told Farnborough Town fans not to give up hope of him playing for the club again next season as he takes a few weeks off to decide his future.

The popular centre back is currently undergoing a transition in both his personal life and playing career but says he still wants to play for the club if several hurdles can be cleared.

Speaking exclusively to the News, Rodwell told of a two-hour meeting with Boro chairman Vic Searle on Monday and of his desire to continue as fans' favourite at Cherrywood Road.

But with the club's limited budget and uncertainty surrounding a proposed house move from Leicester down to Chiswick, west London, big Jim is unsure whether the hopes of Boro fans will be realised in time for the season's start — or even whether he will play football at all this year.

He said: "I had a nice long meeting with Vic on Monday and we discussed several things. I have a lot of time and respect for Vic, Tommy and Ian McDonald - in fact everyone at Farnborough has been really good to me and I would love to play for the club again, yes.

"My well-documented problems last year were nothing to do with the people at the club and it was great to come back and finish my season there.

"Vic has tried everything he can to keep me at the club but I fully appreciate that he has to run a tighter ship now the financial fantasy land period is over.

"I am currently in two minds whether or not to locate down south. It's a real transitional period for me and, obviously, I have to do what's best for my family.

"Also, on the playing front, I've had ten years playing as a full-time footballer and I have to weigh-up my options about playing part-time.

There are a lot of things to sort out and I really don't know at the moment which way it is going to go. I'm not even 100 per cent sure that I will play at all next season!

"It's trying to get the jigsaw to fit and at the moment it is not quite right. I'm 32 now, it's now a buyer's market and the game does seem to favour the younger guys in this current climate.

"Vic has high aspirations for the season and, by the way he is talking, he doesn't feel that a Play-Off place in the Conference next season is out of reach. Tommy Taylor has a lot of contacts in the professional game and the experience to wheel and deal in the market, so who knows.

"If I do move down south and the circumstances pan out, then playing for Farnborough would be high on my list if we could come to a deal, we'll just have to wait and see what happens."