GRAHAM Westley is now a fifth of the way into his ten-week plan designed to kickstart the junction 4A ground development project — and it's gaining momentum as we speak.

Every week, in conjunction with the staff at FTFC, the News will be publishing updates on the work of the six working parties aiming to secure the green light, and the news from their travels.

The very latest news is as follows:

u Rushmoor Borough Council — Overseen by Vince Williams, Micky Warner, David Hughes and former Mayor of Rushmoor and Boro fan, Geoff Woolgar.

An initial meeting took place on Thursday March 21 with Mr Woolgar, a current Alderman, due to report back this week to indicate reaction from Rushmoor to the club's two main objectives.

They are: a) to persuade the Council to release as an advance, an agreed percentage of the sale price of the land at Cherrywood Road currently occupied by FTFC, which would provide vital initial building funds, and b) to persuade them to look seriously at any land within Rushmoor Borough that might be suitable for a league status football ground, with adjoining hotel complex, including the re-visiting of those sites previously rejected.

Elsewhere, David Hughes sent out letters to all those on this working party, while club President, Mr Charles Mortimore had telephone dialogue with RBC officer Peter Gardner.

A working party meeting will be called on Mr Woolgar's feedback.

u Gerald Howarth — Working party overseen by Micky Warner and Dick Blyth.

An initial meeting has taken place and Dick has written to Gerald Howarth outlining each working party's objective and has asked for his previous promises of support and assistance to be fulfilled.

The aim is to maintain this pressure on Mr Howarth and a meeting of the working party will be called this week.

Micky Warner has had a telephone conversation with Glen Davies, who is close to Gerald Howarth, Rushmoor Council and the Ministry of Defence.

u Hart District Council — Overseen by Vince Williams, Gary Ward and Peter Gough.

A meeting took place on Friday March 22 with Richard Walters from RPS — a firm who have done much work on behalf of Barnet FC in respect of their re-location.

An architect from RPS has looked at junction 4a and has advised that the site is large enough for a football stadium but more detailed work would have to be carried out to see if the land size will allow other developments, i.e. hotel.

RPS have advised that environment statements, surveys, architects plans, planning permission, highways and matchday travel reports etc could cost up to £70,000.

The Club are to see if research funds can be obtained from The Football Foundation Fund whilst awaiting letters from Hart District Council and RPS.

A working party meeting will then be called.

u Ministry of Defence — Overseen by Vince Williams and Brian Blewett.

The Club are chasing up information of when junction 4a will be put on the open market. A working party meeting is to be called shortly.

u Aldershot Town FC — Overseen by Micky Warner and Moira/Robert Saunders.

Initial telephone conversations with Shots chairman Karl Prentice have taken place, he has made it clear that he is not opposed to holding a meeting but at a later date to discuss how the two clubs can work together.

He has carried out market research at Aldershot Town which concludes with them not wanting to progress the Community Stadium idea.

The working party have also opened dialogue with the Chairman of Aldershot Town Supporters Club, Paul Bright, to get his reaction.

u The Ground Development Association — Overseen by Bob Perry and Vince Williams.

Bob Perry organised a meeting for Monday to discuss works needed to be carried out at The Aimita Stadium. This includes replacing 258 seats to ones which have backs on, by May 31.

Prices are currently being obtained whilst a request has been put to Leicester City FC, asking for a seat donation or cheap sale.

Meanwhile the Conference have confirmed that if the club were able to put on our own wooden back supports, this would suffice and may be a cheaper option.

The club are still looking for people to get involved with these working parties, contact the club on 01252 541469.