COACH Graham Pearce has revealed a secret phone call to his former manager may have been behind Farnborough's FA Cup fortunes.

Pearce know good luck could be coming his way when he found out that his former Brentford manager Steve Perryman was chosen as the one to make the fourth round draw.

A tongue-in-cheek call to Perryman just prior to Monday lunchtime's draw prompted the ex-Tottenham defender to cross his fingers for his former left back — a good luck charm which proved to the perfect tonic.

After ex-Liverpool and England full back Phil Neal picked out the lucky 13 ball, Farnborough Town, as the home team, Perryman smiled, delved into the draw machine and pulled out ball number 25, causing gasps among the star-studded audience at Soho Square.

Pearce watched the draw live on BBC Television with Gary Holloway, Danny Carroll, Micky Warner, Barry Laker, Nathan Bunce and Rocky Baptiste at their Grasshopper training ground in west London.

He explained: "I've spoken to Steve regularly since he's been back from Hong Kong, so when I found out he was going to be doing the draw, I had to put a call in. He said he would do his best for us.

"When it was pulled out I think he made a comment and made reference to me, but I'm not all that sure because there was this almighty roar from the players around me.

"I'm thrilled for the players because they've put the work in and have now reaped the rewards, I just hope they go out there and enjoy the day, I'm sure they will.

"Coaching a side to play against Arsenal is difficult because when you have players with the quality of Vieira, Pires, Henry and Bergkamp, there's a problem wherever you go.

"The motivation of the players, however, will take care of itself, we just have to ask the players to out there and do their best. What more can you do?"