DEJECTED Farnborough Town chief Graham Westley has sensationally called OFF the merger deal with Kingstonian after K's administrator Nick Hood announced he has entered in discussion with two other parties.

Fuming Westley hinted that the reaction of some Boro fans and the criticism aimed at him, has left him feeling ‘let down' and is now even considering his position at the club.

In a bizarre twist of events following Boro's 2-1 defeat at Dover on Saturday, Westley announced on both Boro and K's website message boards that the merger deal is dead, claiming he is not interested in ‘playing games'.

The message to Farnborough fans, posted just after midnight on Sunday morning, read: "Now that the merger is dead, the next question is who, if anyone, will the next owner of Farnborough Town be?

"Nick Hood, the Kingstonian Administrator, announced today [Saturday] on the radio that he is in discussions with two other parties. I understood that we had agreed a deal. Obviously he thinks differently.

"I'm not interested in playing games so I've withdrawn my interest. The merger is dead."

He then went on to say: "In this whole saga, the thing that has come home to me is that my ambitions are not respected here.

"As one fan said, he/she would sooner keep football in Farnborough at Ryman 3 level than help me achieve my goals. That has left me feeling let down.

"I came here to go forwards, not backwards, and I was always clear about that and honest about my intentions. You accepted ‘me' as ‘me' in the troubles, not as someone else.

"The club clearly doesn't need me. That is OK. If we had enjoyed ten per cent of the efforts put in against the merger when we were fighting for help from Rushmoor then we'd probably have a new ground now.

"As it is, the only attention I have got is resistance."

A few minutes earlier, Westley had posted a similar, yet shortened message to K's supporters, ending it with "KFU is dead" while 20 minutes later he was back on the FTOTW message board again in answer to one disgruntled and slightly bemused supporter.

He added: "The time to help was then. Regrettably I am portrayed as an egoistic maniac. What people miss is that I have always played football and respect and appreciate the team environment. The teams I play in accept my efforts and give me theirs.

"I have asked for help here and already received my answer. That is OK, that is everyone's choice. Please respect mine."

The reaction to the sensational news from Boro supporters is naturally one of delight that 30-mile trecks up the A3 will no longer be necessary.

But while some are determined to do their utmost in keeping Westley at Farnborough, others are still too dejected and disillusioned to change their views on the man who wanted to take the club away from the town.

The decision to pull out also came 36 hours after Conference officials gave campaigners to keep football in Farnborough a morale-boosting early victory.

After Thursday's meeting between Westley and Conference officials, it was revealed that the league had backed, in principle, supporters wishes to keep top flight football at Cherrywood Road.

But Westley's proposed move to up sticks and host a combined Kingston and Farnborough United at Kingsmeadow, was deemed far more complex and requires the green light from Football Association chiefs.

With Boro's membership in the Conference secured once again for next season, there is nothing the league can do to prevent any new side, should that still be the case, from securing its Conference status by continuing to play at the AIMITA Stadium.

As it stands now, however, if Westley does a U-turn and continues with merger plans and play at Kingsmeadow, he must convince both FA officials and Ryman League chiefs of his right to play top-flight football.

Nationwide Conference chief executive John Moules told the Mail: "We had a good meeting with Graham Westley on Thursday where we discussed a number of matters regarding his investigations for a merger between Farnborough Town and Kingstonian.

"As far as we are concerned, if the clubs do merge then there is nothing to prevent them from playing at Farnborough and retaining their membership to the Conference.

"We're not sure, however, what the situation would be if they wanted to play at Kingstonian. That is solely a decision for the Football Association and Graham Westley is to provide us with additional information in due course before that decision can be made."

As a result of the shock news to pull out, Graham Westley has cancelled the proposed meeting of the Supporters Clubs on Thursday night.

Mr Hood was unavailable for comment as the Mail went to press.