Madness frontman Suggs takes to the stage at the Princes Hall, Aldershot, on Saturday April 12 with his hilarious, yet emotionally moving, one man tour-de-force show which examines every aspect of his life, from where it began to where it is today.

The death of Sugg’s beloved cat on his 50th birthday triggers a personal quest to discover what happened to the father he never knew. Suggs is taken back to his childhood on the tough streets of the 1970s and his first ever appearance on Top of the Pops. “I've just turned 50, the kids have left home, and my cat just died.”

Is it a play? Is it stand-up comedy? Is it Music Hall? Whatever it is hold on to your seats as Suggs goes on to stumble and plummet through the trapdoor of failure. Then trampolines back up to catch the passing trapeze of show business success!

With musical accompaniment and uncalled-for interjection from Deano his loyal manservant and pianist, Suggs: My Life Story is a unique show.

The show starts at 7.45pm. Tickets are priced at £26 and are available from the box office on 01252 329155 or via