I've seen a number of Yateley School productions over many years but this year's The Sound of Music really raised the bar.

To start with, the auditorium has had a serious makeover.

Gone is the pit in which most of the audience sat, to be replaced with new flooring and tiered seating that gives the audience a comfortable couple of hours, looking down on the players and providing improved acoustics that make a huge difference to your enjoyment.

And the wardrobe department has reached another level too. In previous productions, you got the sense that performers had been told to bring in bits of their costumes from home.

Not so this year.

From the von Trapp children's uniforms to the nuns habits, this was far from a tea-towel-on-the-head approach to wardrobe, with costumes that not only matched but were obviously custom-made for the occasion.

Yateley School has always been a hotbed of musical talent but The Sound of Music demanding, as it does, the portrayal of children of varying ages, really gave the younger members of the school a chance to shine... and shine they did.

The seven von Trapp children, played by Phili Fahy, Max Mills, Zoe Clark, Zak Madge, Kezia Chacko, Ella Bishop and Harry Jarvis, were outstanding.

Phili Fahy, Max Mills, Zoe Clark, Zak Madge, Kezia Chacko, Ella Bishop and Harry Jarvis as the von Trapp children, Katie Madge as Maria and Lewis Ledlie as Captain von Trapp

They sang, they danced and they displayed just the right amount of cheekiness. I have to single out Harry Jarvis though, playing the youngest of the children, he was just lovely to watch.

Adam Hughes, as the charming but completely self-centered Max Detweiller, had superb comic timing - really, Richard Haydn would have been very proud - and Holly Sexton-Daniels brought a beautiful elegance to the role of Elsa Schrader.

When the age differences between the cast members can only be a maximum of eight years, it must be difficult to portray different generations on stage but Lewis Ledlie, as Captain von Trapp, absolutely oozed authority and the relationship between his character and that of his children was expertly delivered.

Holly Sexton Daniels as Elsa Schrader and Adam Hughes as Max Detweiller

The star of the show, however, was Katie Madge. Her performance of Maria was exceptional, with the perfect degree of humility and shyness the role demands.

And what a voice she has - pitch perfect and with such a lovely tone. She really was very, very good.

'Casting particularly good'

There was no weak link in this show, in fact no sense of a school production. Each cast member performed well, the casting was particularly good, the choreography was great and the set designers, stage hands and lighting crews must be applauded for an excellent job.

The new layout of the auditorium does mean the band is tucked away where the audience can't see them, which is a bit of a shame, but only because I think their talent should be visible as well as audible.

I have seen many, many adult productions that did not come close to the level of performance that was on show at Yateley School on Wednesday (March 15) - and a number of those were professional ones.

But don't take my word for it, watch the video, tell me if I'm wrong. Or, better still, go along and see it for yourself. It's on until Friday (March 17).