As part of their five-date Drunk In Public acoustic tour, Mark Chadwick, Simon Friend and Jon Sevink are to take the stage ahead of their slot at Guilfest this July.

Best known for singles One Way, This Garden, Hope Street and What A Beautiful Day, the Levellers have enjoyed 15 years of success and can still boast a healthy legion of fans.

The band have ducked out of the limelight since their last single, a re-recording of One Way in February 1999 and have been concentrating on smaller venues and smaller audiences.

The Agincourt has promoted live music throughout its 40-year history and ensured the best of local talent has a stage on which to perform.

The venue is now raising its profile and forcing its way to the top of the live music venue list.

Expect the favourites at the gig and reminisce on the great musical decade that was the 90s.

Support comes from Rev Hammer on the night — don't miss a rare performance by one of the few remaining great indie bands.

Tickets are available by phone on 08700 600 100 or via Alternatively you can call in to Rock Box or Macdonalds Music in Camberley.