This beautiful and exotic dance, called Odissi, originated in the Indian state of Orissa and has two major facets. These consist of graceful and ornamental patterns created by using movements of the body, known as Nritta, and symbolic hand gestures and facial expressions known as Abhinaya.

There is also the chance to try out Indian dance for yourself earlier during the day at the West End Centre when Sushmita Pati from Kala the Arts will run a workshop from 2.30-4pm.

This session will give an insight into this classic form of Indian dance, which has influenced everything from Flamenco to belly dancing and is open to adults and children of more than ten years of age.

Tickets for the show are £7.50 (£6.50 concessions) and for the workshop they are £8.50 (£7 concs) available from the box office on 01252 330040.