A NEW musical by Kate Bramley, Fighting The Tide, with original folk songs by Jez Lowe, will be performed by the BadApple Theatre Company at the Farnham Maltings on January 31 at 8pm.

The island postman has a problem. There is no post. When a mysterious boat appears in the street, what do the hands of fate have in store?

Adrift on a sea of dreams and out of his depth, will he ever make it home?

Seduced by the big blue, lulled by the songs of sirens, from the glittering silver haul to the smoky steel of the docklands, trapped in the nets of an industrial age they fight on in search of the best fish in the world.

But who knows whether they will return from the grip of the Arctic ice.

Writer/director Kate Bramley re-tells an unbelievable survival story.

Fighting The Tide fuses truth and illusion, history and theatre magic, rooted in the community tale of an Arctic trawlerman.

Her partnership with Jez Lowe, the acclaimed folk singer-songwriter from County Durham, has been fruitful, and the addition of ten new songs to this new production promises to give a new lift to the show.