A DYNAMIC fusion of African Rai music with hints of Western rap, jazz and dance influences will be coming to Aldershot’s West End Centre on Saturday.

The charismatic Abdelkader Saadoun and his band will be making a welcome return at 8pm and the evening will include belly dancing from special guest Samsara, with the opportunity for the audience to join in.

“Abdelkader’s last ap-pearance here was an extremely memorable one,” said Barney Jeavons, programme co-ordinator at the West End Centre.

“The combination of the vibrant percussion section, Easter vocals and brass fronted by such a charismatic showman guarantees a night of fun for everyone.

“The addition of the belly dancing made his last appearance an extra-special experience and by the end of the show the whole audience was dancing.

“This time we will begin the evening seated but will clear the floor of chairs during the interval so there will be plenty of room for dancing.”

Modern Rai is a collision of relaxed jazzy atmospheres and fast heavy grooves, eclectic dance music with a difference.

In Arabic ‘Rai’ means ‘opinion’ and was so called because of the strong ideas expressed in the lyrics.

Abdelkader Saadoun is a master of fast dance rhythms that are seen as a force for progression and change in his homeland.

Yet in France, where the strong African community have made him hugely popular, he is considered a rap artist taking his percussion and vocal-led style to a new, younger audience.

Tickets cost £7.50 and are available from the box office on 01252 330040.

Abdelkader is pictured.