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Recap: Farnborough Air Show day two

Sunday was the final day of this year's Farnborough Air Show and Get Hampshire provided live coverage from start to finish

TMS Airbus A350 at the opening of the 2014 Farnborough Air Show


HELLO: Good morning everyone, and welcome to Get Hampshire's coverage of day two of Farnborough International Airshow 2014.

After yesterday's scorcher, the clouds have set in and we look set for an overcast - if stuffy - day on the tarmac.

Our live blog will be running throughout today's proceedings, which will feature appearances from the Airbus A380, the Supermarine Spitfire and, of course, the Red Arrows.

After a week of spectacular action in the skies, Farnborough's biennial celebration of its aerial heritage comes to a close this afternoon - so let's hope the action lives up to the billing.

11:37 am

RECAP: A big thank-you to our reporters Pete Bryant and Henry Bodkin who put in a terrific shift yesterday to bring you everything from day one. You can read their recap of the day here.

The Red Arrows were a huge draw late in the afternoon and their aerobatics went down a storm with the thousands of punters at the show.

11:41 am

LEADEN OVERHEAD: It's a right old pea souper here at Farnborough today. The majestic sunshine and glorious blue skies have been replaced with grey clouds and a cool breeze.

Here's a quick video of an early arriver at the show this morning, making a calm descent and landing safe and sound. Top job.



ON THE BILL: So what's in store for the crowds piling into the show today?

Well, the Red Barrons will be kicking things off at 12.15pm, followed by the tremendous Breitling Wingwalkers at 12.44pm.

The monolithic Airbus A380 will grumble off the runway and into the skies at around 1.25pm while the famous vertical launching Harrier will blast off at 3.24pm.

At 4pm, expect dazzling dives and colourful choreography from the Red Arrows and finally, the Supermarine Spitfire at 5.20pm. Marvellous.


VULCAN: Thank-you to The Railway Cop for this stunning shot of the Avro Vulcan from yesterday's display. The Vulcan will be back in the skies at 2.30pm today.


11:56 am

PICS: Our photographers put in a shift yesterday to produce a gallery of stunning pictures from yesterday's events. You can take a peek at the best of the bunch here.

Here's a sneak preview of one of the best as the Red Arrows took to the sky.



SNAP HAPPY: Our reporter Steve Lloyd has just popped out into the throng armed with a camera to get a few shots of the people who make the Farnborough Air Show what it is.

Here's how things were looking yesterday, busy busy busy!


Keep an eye on our @GetHampshire Twitter feed today for updates from across the site where there are nearly 30 displays coming up, starting with the Red Barrons at 12.15pm.


PEEPS: Steve's out in the thick of it at the moment, getting a handle on who's shelled out to come along today.



LIFT OFF: We're just a few minutes away from our first display of the day, which will see the fearsome Red Barrons boss the skies over Farnborough.

Remember, you can get in touch by tweeting us via @GetHampshire


AIRBUS: Here's a great shot of Lizzie with the lumbering Airbus A380, which will be taking off in just over an hour at 1.28pm. It's a monster.



ALL CALM: An eerie calm has settled over proceedings as everyone waits with baited breath for our first display of the day. Here come the Red Barrons!

12:20 pm

IN THE KNOW: Just before we get cracking, we've put together all the info you're going to need ahead of another day's fantastic flying action.


You can read out guide to the Farnborough Air Show right here.

12:22 pm

G'DAY CAPTAIN: Providing the public commentary all weekend is Captain Stratton Richey. A top gentleman doing a top job.



SUN: The sun is out, I repeat, the sun is out here in Farnborough, and we've just seen our first launch of the day. We'll have a video coming for you in a moment.


PICNIC: What a spot for a bite to eat, in the shadow of the hulking Airbus A380.



WINGWALKERS: The Breitling team are in the sky over Farnborough right now, trailing blazing white smoke behind them. We're just waiting for the aerobatics.

"Absolute madness!" cries the air show commentator. Quite right, although wouldn't you just love to have a go?



COMING UP: What, you may be wondering, is next up on the agenda today. Well, after the Breitling Wingwalkers have done their stuff (video coming shortly!), we'll have the Great War Display Team.

Remember, #FIA14 is this year marking the centenary of the First World War and the day will be punctuated with ditties harking back to wartime flight.


SMOKIN': They're a little distant, but the Breitling Wingwalkers are putting on a marvellous display of aerial prowess at Farnborough Air Show.

Here's a taste of their smoke-fuelled antics. Spiffing.



EARLIER: One we didn't catch as they buzzed around Farnborough were the Meteor and Vampire, who shared a dramatic dogfight.



DOGFIGHTING: The Great War Display team jockeyed for aerial supremacy above Farnborough at around 1pm on day two.

The air show this year is marking 100 years since the First World War with a selection of displays harking back to wartime.

Here's a quick video of their distant dogfight in the skies.


POIGNANT: Mournful trumpets ring out over Farnborough Airfield at the Great War Display Team finish their show. It's a sombre reminder of 100 years of conflict, in many of which the Rushmoor area has played a major role.


PHEW: What's that they used to say about mad dogs and Englishmen going out in the midday sun?

It's really hotting up here at Farnborough as the promised sunshine slowly burns through the clouds to reveal glorious blue skies.

Next up; the Airbus A380. Expect this one to be a big draw as the world's most ambitious airliner becomes increasingly well known.


BUSY BUSY BUSY: Busy busy busy busy busy. Farnborough Air Show is bursting at the seams today. What a fantastic turn out.



A380: Here's that bloomin' huge Airbus A380 we were just talking about. It'll be taking off in around five minutes.



TIM PEAKE: Whoa, it's just been announced British astronaut Tim Peake, who trained at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, will be appearing in the SpaceZone this afternoon. What a treat for anyone who gets to meet Tim, who is the top Brit in line for a trip to the stars.



BLIMEY: The Airbus A380 has just taken off and it nearly shook the media centre here at the Farnborough Air Show to the ground. What a feat of engineering.


A380: It may look leaden, but the A380 cuts a majestic gait as it circles the airfield here at #FIA14. Here's a quick video.

Airbus' sister plane, the more cargo-oriented A400M, has just taken off too.


RED ARROWS: This lonely comrade will see his mates blast off later.



BREATHER: We're experiencing a little hiatus here at the air show. Next up in the skies is the Avro Anson, Extra 300 and then Aerostars.


SEE THE SIGHTS: Of course, a lot of you reading this won't be here at the airfield for today's show.

So if you're sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs (or hopefully, refreshing our blog!), why not jump in the car and head down to one of our alternative locations from which to watch the air show.

The sky is a big place, they can't hide overhead here all day!


NEW PILOTS: It takes years of study and hard work to get into the cockpit of a plane like this, but you've got to start somewhere and sometime.



AEROSTARS: There's a lot of buzz here about the Aerostars Display Team who will be taking off in around 10 minutes.

The team put on a magnificent display yesterday and the crowds are already building for their big launch today. Not one to miss!

Here's a cracking shot of the stars lighting up the skies yesterday afternoon.



AVRO: What a beautiful descent, bank and landing by the brilliantly blue Avro Anson. After a serious of acrobatic twists, turns and dives, the Avro's laid down a marker for aerial fun and games this afternoon.

Of course, our man Steve was right on the spot to get a great video of the Avro coming in to land.


ROUND AND ABOUT: It's not all happening in the skies today. Farnborough Airfield is full of stunning set pieces to give visitors a great insight into the complex world of aviation.



LOOP DA LOOP: The Aerostars pull off a dramatic full 360, bathed in smoke, drawing gasps from the galleries.


BURN BABY BURN: The smell of burned fuel is wafting through the media centre here at the Farnborough Air Show. The Aerostars are to blame, it seems, they're still buzzing around putting on one heck of a show.


COMING UP: We've got a biggie on the radar (literally, and metaphorically, I would imagine).

The Avro Vulcan will do a 10-minute turn at 2.33pm. The Vulcan is the only remaining one in operation at the moment.


To me, it brings to mind a giant moth. Any thoughts? Tweet us via @GetHampshire.


KABOOM: The Avro Vulcan has just taken off and crikey, is it loud.

Its ascent was preceded by a fly past by the BBMF, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.


STAR BILLING: Remember the Aerostars display we were getting rather excited about a few minutes ago? Where he's a great video of their acrobatics.



VULCAN: And another shot of that Vulcan, which incidentally, has just touched down.



VROOM: It's hard to convey the sheer power of these wonderful machines without the roaring sound they make.

But this video of the Avro Vulcan making a fly by really captures the thunderous boom they generate in close proximity.


It's easy to see why people become plane enthusiasts, thousands of whom are enjoying an utterly spectacular show here at Farnborough today.


RIGHT NOW: The P-8 Poseiden is making a few nippy twists and turns beneath the clouds.

After that, it's the light, nippy and nimble - and wonderfully named - Trescal Starduster.

TMS Trescal Starduster at the 2014 Farnborough Air Show

Is it just me, or does that sound like some kind of celestial cleaning device? Or perhaps a forgotten character from the Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.


YOUR PICS: Here's a corker of the Avro Vulcan from Samantha George.



RECAP: Blimey, it's gone 3pm. Time flies, eh? (sorry!).

Right, so what has lit up the skies so far today? Well, the Breitling Wingwalkers were great, as were the Aerostars.

And the Airbus A380 really made its presence felt a little bit earlier.

Tweet us your highlights.


BOOM: The F Super Hornet has just made a pass and shaken half the fillings from my teeth.

Ian Ward F-18 Super Hornet


THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO?: Here's one from earlier, the Airbus A400M. Is it just me, or does it look a little like it's borrowed a few design cues from Thunderbird 2 of International Rescue fame?

No. Okay, just me. Here's a great snap, courtesy of the Airbus Group that built it.


SUPER HORNET: The Super Hornet has just made its final descent, touched down, and taxi'd to the terminal, or whatever it is mega jets like this do when they land.

Here's out video of the spritely little fighter on its final approach.



JUMPIN' JIMINY JETS: It's almost time for the AV8B Harrier, otherwise known as the iconic Harrier Jump Jet.

The plane is unique in so much as it employs a vertical take off before switching to horizontal flight when airborne. It's a magnificent sight.



BLINK: ...and you'll miss it. The Harrier is causing quite a stir. Lots of oohs and aahs as it buzzed overhead. We're all waiting for that vertical landing though.



HARRIER: Here it is, the famous Harrier making its customary vertical landing.



RED ARROWS: While we just quickly upload our footage of the Harrier, a quick reminder the legendary Red Arrows will be on at 4pm so in around 20 minutes time. Not one to be missed, unless you don't like really cool things like this.



HARRIER: Here's that footage we promised you of the Harrier coming in to land at the Farnborough Air Show. It's quite a sight, particularly when you can see the jet streams tailing from its underbelly.

(Top work with the camera by Steve, don't you think?)

Right, a quick breather chez Get Hampshire - maybe even a cup of tea - before the mighty Red Arrows take to the sky again.

Here's another shot of them from yesterday, I can't resist putting more up.



CHILL: Winston's also taking a breather. At least he's smart enough to bring headphones, unlike these reporters. Dang.



RED ARROWS: T-Minus five minutes, I repeat, five minutes on the Red Arrows. We've bagged a good spot to get some great footage of the historic flying team.


LATER: The slightly bizarre looking Super Constellation will take off in just under an hour.



SELFIES: They're all the rage at the moment, and things are no different at #FIA14.

And another, although looking at it again, I'm not sure these two lovely ladies are actually posing for a selfie - but whatchoo gonna do?



RED ARROWS: Here we go.



COOLIN' OFF: What a birthday treat! I'd love an ice cream right now.



IN YOUR SKIES: The Red Arrows are about half way through their superb set piece, which has seen them twist and turn, duck and dive, one might even say jive.

(c) Airbus Group - photo by JV. Reymondon Red Arrows at the opening of the 2014 Farnborough Air Show

Tailing streams of red, white and blue smoke, after a few minutes of seriously impressive formation flying, the nine-strong group has split up, working in tandem or alone.


RED ARROWS: The residual smoke gives you a brief, fleeting, yet telling glimpse of the Red Arrows' stunning aerial acrobatics.



IN THE HOUR: There's just an hour left of the Farnborough Air Show, which won't be back now until 2016. It's biennial, if you were wondering.

Thankfully, the last hour is going to be jam-packed with highlights, including two of the most influential fighters of all time - the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Spitfire.

Simon Taylor / Phooto Typhoon (Eurofighter)

The Red Arrows are winding up with a fantastic finally, which sees all nine planes split from their formation, fanning out in all directions to bathe the skies above the spectator areas in wispy red, blue and white smoke.

It's been a phenomenal performance.


CRUMBS: Oh dear, these Red Arrows are a pesky bunch.



RED ARROWS: Here's a vid of the Red Arrows in formation. It was quite a display.



NICE BUNS: Look at the rear on that. Mic is!



TA TA: The Red Arrows proved enough for some as hordes of people have just started making for the exits.

It's hard to blame them, the Arrows were a magnificent moment, but it's a little sad seeing as we still have the Typhoon and Spitfire to come.

Each to their own, of course, and I'm sure everyone's had a great day out in the sun.



RIGHT NOW: The Breitling Super Constellation we spotted earlier is making a few sweeping passes over head.


It's an odd looking beast with an array of tail fins and other complexities we, frankly, know little to nothing about.

Someone find us an aerodynamicist, and quick!


LOVE IS IN THE AIR: Courtesy of the Red Arrows. Aww.



THEM ARROWS: Seeing how well the Red Arrows went down, here's another clip from their mid-afternoon spot at the Farnborough Air Show.



ADIOS AMIGOS: Things are winding down here at the air show. The crowds have thinned and there are just a couple of demonstrations left.



SELFIE ALERT: This young lad certainly enjoyed the Red Arrows.



INSPIRED: What a brilliant picture of the Red Arrows from a little earlier.



TYPHOON: The Eurofighter has just taken off making a thunderous racket as it did so, probably the most deafening take off of the day.

TMS Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 fighter jet at the 2014 Farnborough Air Show

The Eurofighter is a pan-European effort, which took decades of wrangling and diplomacy to bring to fruition but now represents one of the finest fighters in operation today.


HIGHLIGHTS: So we've seen a plethora of brilliant pieces of flying today, and some truly exceptional machinery.

Everything from the daring Breitling Wingwalkers to the humongous Airbus A380, via the Aerostars Display Team, the Harrier and the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Still, it was the Red Arrows which really captured the minds of young and old here today, something I suspect is customary every couple of years.

Personally, I thought seeing the Airbus A380 move with such grace was unmissable. While we've seen a range of military planes on show, it is the civilian ones we are most likely to come across during our lives.

Ian Ward Airbus A380

The A380 is a true feat of engineering.


TYPHOON: The Typhoon has swept back down to Earth and made a textbook landing terra firma.

Not sure my ears couldn't have taken much more with each deafening fly by!



LAST ORDERS: Here we go, the last performance of #FIA14. We won't get to see these magnificent flying machines overhead again for another two years.

It's up to the legendary Spitfire to close out the day's events. Could there be a more fitting finale, particularly when the show is marking the centenary of the First World War.

Second World War Spitfire


SPITFIRE: Here it is, the plane that arguably helped maintain Britain's freedom during the Second World War bows out at the Farnborough Air Show.

After a sweeping tour, the old favourite made a gentle, calm decent before trundling to a halt on the runway. Goodbye old friend for another couple of years.



GOODBYE EVERYBODY: That's a wrap everyone. Thank-you so much for being with us today (if you have). We hope you've enjoyed Get Hampshire's coverage of the 2014 Farnborough Air Show. It's been a blast.


Suffice to say, everyone leaving today have got their money's worth - and a bit of a tan to boot, I'd hazard to guess.

Remember, you can catch up with the events of day one of the air show here or read Pete and Henry's round up of events just here.

Cheers, James and Steve.


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