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Driver died before crashing into barriers on A331

Terry Connell died before his Golf collided with barriers on the A331 earlier this month

MoD to reveal base plans for soldiers returning from Germany

Soldiers returning from Germany could get new living quarters in Aldershot
New officers' mess buildings and living quarters are part of the outline proposals sent to Rushmoor Borough Council

Junior News and Mail - July 25, 2014

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Teenage pregnancy rate above national average after year-on-year increase

Reducing teenage pregnancies is a priority for Hampshire County Council
Data from Public Health England found more than 3% of girls in Rushmoor aged 15-17 fell pregnant in 2012

Authorities call for power to deal with anti-social behaviour

Rushmoor Borough Council members have called for action to combat poor behaviour in Aldershot and Farnborough
Rushmoor Borough Council

Family guide to summer holidays fun in Rushmoor

Families looking for something to do in Aldershot and Farnborough can find inspiration in the summer fun guide

Shots boss sets his stall for Chelsea young guns

Andy Scott is looking forward to pitting his wits against Chelsea's stars of tomorrow at the Electrical Services Stadium

Scott still strutting his stuff despite striker's change of heart

Charlie Strutton of Aldershot Town fires in a shot against Southport
Charlie Strutton, who appeared on loan last season, was expected to sign a permanent deal with the Shots before a last minute switch to Braintree Town
Artist's impression of houses within the Aldershot Urban Extension

University to run new Aldershot school instead of church

The school is being built as part of Aldershot's expansion and will allow pupils to work with university departments

Military buildings to house pupils from new development

Artist's impression of development which is part of the Aldershot Urban Extension plan
Property developer behind Aldershot Urban Extension plans for new children to be educated in old military buildings while new primary school is built

New school likely to be academy or free school

School children
The Connaught School unlikely to be allowed to run new primary school being built as part of Project Wellesley

Aldershot in Pictures

Closure threat for Gurkha welfare centre

The Gurkha Welfare Advice Centre in Aldershot could be replaced by an outreach service, depending on the outcomes of a review this autumn

Policy on Rushmoor immigration questioned

Joanna Lumley
Anti-immigration group calls on council to answer questions on the so-called Nepalese debate in Rushmoor

Nepalese support group gains 4,000 members

Cllr Alex Crawford set up the We Love the Gurkhas group
Founder of Nepalese support group says the membership numbers show most people are behind the Nepalese community settling locally
Rushmoor Borough Council

Family guide to summer holidays fun in Rushmoor

Families looking for something to do in Aldershot and Farnborough can find inspiration in the summer fun guide

Chainsaw-wielding youths fell trees by power lines

A major accident was narrowly avoided after residents saw youths with chainsaws felling two trees near power lines and the M3

Stumbling block removed from Ham and Blackbird redevelopment

An artist's impression of proposed Ham & Blackbird site development
Developers who have applied to demolish the vacant Ham and Blackbird in Farnborough do not need to carry out an environmental impact assessment

About Aldershot

Known as the home of the British Army, Aldershot has the West End Centre and Princes Hall arts and entertainment venues, as well as a strongly-supported football club, Aldershot Town. The Westgate retail and leisure development was completed in 2012, with thousands of new homes planned under Project Wellesley and My North Town Renewal Project.

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Worker shares memories of old Farnborough wind tunnels

Cyclists and residents stunned by path closure

Behind the scenes of nightlife with the Street Angels


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